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Photo Loader with HOTALBUM (CASIO)
PREMIUM upgrade for safe storage
Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM for CASIO
Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM software is the special HOT ALBUM for bundled soft ware for CASIO EXILIM Digital CAMERA.
  • Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM are fun and easy to make prints your photo albums.You can enjoy, share, print, and e-mail your photos, all in a few easy steps.
  • The album software is a fun and full-featured program that makes it easy to organize, print, and enjoy your photos.
  • The Photo loader with HOT ALBUM system is made up of album software for Windows PCs and high-quality, encoding Video-CD technology.
You can use HOT ALBUMs on your Windows PC (Windows 2000/XP/Vista). It's so easy that you will know what to do right away.
  1. Install the software by bundled software by CD-ROM.
  2. Import your digital camera photos (if you like, you can print a jacket cover to keep track of your photos).
  3. View your photos (by date, by album, or by calendar).
  4. Mail your photos to friends and relatives (the software automatically creates a copy that is just the right size).
  5. Use your favorite photo as the desktop wallpaper on your PC.
  6. Organize your photos, insert title, create albums of your favorites.
  7. Print your photos in a few easy steps – one a time, the whole album.
  8. Order prints at the local photo shop. Transfer your photos to memory cards or CD-R discs.
  9. Order prints over the Internet.

1. A standard album that allows everyone to enjoy their pictures
What does a digital photo album need to qualify as a standard album for use by everyone? It should be flexible enough to evolve with technology, like the web has evolved. It should be open, and provide the features that are not available on closed personal computers.
  • Usable by family, friends, groups, society as a whole, without a manual
  • All-in-one solution that provides everything needed for anyone to share Video-CD photos
  • A pocket photo album that any photo shop or any home user can create
  • User interface that is easy enough for anyone to use without a manual
  • Easy for anyone to make home prints
  • Ability to add music to images and moves, to make prints, and enjoy on TVs via a DVD player

2. Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM operations
  1. Simple installation
  2. New versions constantly available on the Web
  3. Album functions
    1. Import photos Temporary storage in photo pocket with unlimited capacity Play options:
      • Date order
      • Import order
      • Calendar play
    2. Edit photos and make albums from favorites
  4. Data saved on album discs Video-CD is approximately the same quality as DVD video (480 x 702). Screen display data is 600 x 800.
    Slideshows can also be viewed on TVs via any DVD player that supports the Video CD 2.0 standard.
    You can make easily Video-CD Album to CD-R DISC.
    Maximum number of recordable images and movies 240 images (size 1 KB to 30 MB per image), 10 scenes (max. 30 MB and 60 seconds per scene)
    Note: Total data volume cannot exceed 250 MB, even when fewer images are recorded.
    Approximate images by digital camera pixel count 2 megapixels (fine):
    220-230 images
    3 megapixels (fine):
    140-150 images
    5 megapixels (fine):
    90-100 images
    About viewing on your TV
    To view this disc on your TV, you need a DVD player/recorder that can play Video CD (VCD) 2.0 discs.
  5. Print functions Simple print functions are included, using the Epson and Canon SDKs. Anyone can make prints by selecting from a menu and clicking a few buttons.
    • Digital camera prints:3 x 4, 4 x 6
    • Layout album prints: A4 size
    • Jacket prints Users can select their own title photos.
  6. It is easy to extract the data for photo shop print orders. Select the photos and write to a memory card. (or) Write to a CD-R disc.
  7. Print orders can be placed over the Internet.
How to use software
After importing your photos, you can organize them and select your favorites, print them, and save them to Video-CD album discs.
The easy-to-use Photo Loader with  HOT ALBUMs
If you can connect you PC to the Internet and insert memory cards and CD-R discs into your computer, then you are ready to start making your own HOT ALBUMs. Just click the buttons on the screen to do whatever you want. You can add background music to photos and movies of your children, send messages to distant relatives, and send your parents cute pictures of their grandchildren growing up. Of course you want your children to be able to view their own baby pictures after they are grown up. If your parents don't have a PC, then an inexpensive DVD player would be a wonderful gift, especially when they can use it to view pictures of their grandchildren every few months or so.

Every HOT ALBUM comes with all the software you need to organize, view, mail, and print your photos, and order enlargements of your favorites. When you give an album to your friends, it has everything they need in an all-in-one package with no limits on how often or who can use it.

Install as a Windows user with Administrator privileges. Note: Normal operation is not guaranteed with certain special disc drives.
PC IBM PC/AT compatible
Operating system Windows 2000 Professional/XP/Vista
CPU Windows 2000 Professional/XP/Vista
Memory 256 MB (512 MB or more recommended)
Hard disk 2 GB free capacity required
Monitor XGA (1024 x 765), 16-bit color
Peripheral CD read/write drive, speakers, sound card
Images JPEG, BMP, TIFF (uncompressed), PICT
Movies AVI (Motion JPEG), MPEG (MPEG-1), MOV (Motion JPEG). However, some formats cannot be edited.
Music Audio CD, WAV (max. song length 10 minutes)
  • The following are required for Internet services
      (news and software updates)
       -Internet Explorer 5 or higher
       -Contract with provider of Internet connection and mail services
  • MAPI-compliant e-mail client required to receive images by e-mail.
  • QuickTime 6.5 or higher required playing movie files.
  • Windows Media Player 9 (DirectX 9) or higher required to view AVI and MPEG-1 files.
Anyone who knows how to use a Web browser and insert a memory card or CD-R disc into a PC can use these programs. Just press the buttons on the screen to do whatever you want. They are so easy that they may be the first album programs to come without a manual.

This version differs from a version of Japanese version completely.       It allows you to record and save photos on Video CDs only to normal blank CD-R disc.

The version for Japanese of photo Loader with HOT ALBUM is made as for safe storage of a photograph only to HOT ALBUM CDs of exclusive use.            However, this exclusive use HOT ALBUM CDs disc is sold only in the Japanese market.
If you want to safe storage with EVERPLAY standard ,see to premium version of Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM.
Copyright(c) 2006 HOT ALBUM COM,.Inc. All right reserved.