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Photo Loader with HOTALBUM (CASIO)
PREMIUM upgrade for safe storage
Download license versions support writing to all commercially available CD-R and DVD-R discs

HOTALBUM Com Inc. (President Shigeharu Koboshi) has released two new disc burning plug-ins for its HOTALBUM Mybox photo album software. The new plug-ins support writing to discs that consumers can purchase wherever optical discs are sold. Thanks to agreements with technology license providers, writing to all commercially available discs is now supported by the HOTALBUM-Mybox plug-in CD-R Burning-software (global version), and by the HOTALBUM Mybox plug-in DVD-R Burning-software (Japan only). Both plug-ins are available for purchase and download at the company's website.
The license period for the plug-in software is two years, renewable on expiry by purchase of the latest version. Users with licenses to earlier versions of HOTALBUM Mybox must upgrade to the latest version before using the new plug-ins.

The new plug-in software was developed by HOTALBUM Com. and will be available for purchase on the company's website. It can also be used as licensed plug-in software for Photo Loader with HOTALBUM, which is bundled with EXILIM series digital cameras from Casio.
Users of Photo Loader with HOTALBUM can use the "CD-R writing only" plug-in software for Photo Loader with HOTALBUM.

The DVD-R plug-in software is currently available in the Japanese language only. Versions in other languages are scheduled for release in August 2009.

To ensure safe storage of their photos, users should be careful to purchase high-quality discs. The software is designed for use with CD-R and DVD-R discs labeled "Made in Japan", but writing to all commercially available discs is supported.

Download purchase price
HOTALBUM Mybox Plug-In CD-R Burning-software $19.80 (2-year license)

Note: The plug-in software requires HOTALBUM Mybox Version or later. Users of earlier versions must upgrade to the latest version before installing the plug-in software.

It is a little-known fact that storing photos on PC hard disks and memory cards is dangerous. To protect precious photos again loss, these plug-ins for HOTALBUM Mybox give users an easy way to store their photos safely on commercially available discs.

Designed for easy operation and featuring an intuitive user interface, HOTALBUM allows anyone to store their photos safely, regardless of the computer skills. HOTALBUM discs can be shared with family and friends, and enjoyed for generations to come.

About the Premium Upgrade for CASIO Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM Premium Upgrades are a service of HOT ALBUM COM.

Casio provides no support whatsoever for features made available by the purchase of a Premium Upgrade. These features are supported by HOT ALBUM COM, Inc..

The Current Photo Loader with HOT ALBUM is allows you to save your photos as Video CD data only.
Unlike other versions of HOT ALBUM, it does not support EVERPLAY safe storage of your original photo data. This is because EVRPLAY safe storage normally requires special-purpose HOT ALBUM discs, which are available only in Japan.

However,if you want to EVERPLAY safe storage for your original photo data, you can purchase a license for the Premium Upgrade to the Photo Loader with HOTABUM. This Premium Upgrade supports EVERPLAY safe storage of all your photo data to blank CD-R discs and DVD-R discs, so that you can protect your photos through safe double storage on your computer and on EVERPLAY album discs.

It is easy to upgrade. Simply click the "Premium Upgrade" button at the top right of the Home screen. This will take you to our Premium Upgrade announce page and to HOTALBUM Store and eBay/shop.

*Please be aware that the upgraded burning software may not support the driveinstalled in your computer.

  • Depending on the type of drive in your computer, you may experience recording errors when using the upgraded burning software to record to CD-R and DVD-R discs.
  • These recording errors may recur even if you use different brands of CD-R.
HOT ALBUM CD-R EVERPLAY Data and high definition Video-CD Upgrade. The license costs$19.80 for 2 years.
Available in April 2009
HOT ALBUM DVD-R EVERPLAY Data and DVD-Video Upgrade for backing up albums, photos and movie files to DVD-R discs.(max.1024MB) The Price is Unfixed.
With these Premium Upgrades, editing and saving your photos will be more fun than ever.

The upgrade is available through our site(, and available through our eBay shop only. (Click the image of the product to purchase.)
*PayPal is a registerd trademark of PayPal Inc. *eBay is a registerd trademark of eBay Inc.
Customers using an eBay shop for the first time will need to open an eBay account. And ,select you wish Premium Upgrade software on our eBay shop. Settlement is via the safe and secure PayPal email system. This gives you the right to use the software for 2years after registration.

Of course the licensed Premium version still allows you to create high definition (480×702) Video CDs with multiple music files for viewing on your TV. But you also gain the ability to create EVERPLAY safe archives on HOT ALBUM Discs by saving all your photos to normal commercially available CD-R discs and DVD-R discs.

The licensed Premium Upgrade software allows you to do the following:

  1. You can safe storage your photos on discs in the EVERPLAY standard recording format, which increases the likelihood that you will be able to migrate your Album data to next-generation systems.( CD to DVD discs or DVD to next generation (Blue Ray and other ) discs.
  2. You can mix photos, movies, audio, and other files, saving both the original data files and Video files on the same blank CD-R or DVD-R discs.
  3. You can enter comments into slide shows of each still images.
  4. You can save audio files as background music together with your photos, including both the built-in music box songs and songs selected from your audio CDs.
  5. You can save audio files as background music together with your photos and songs selected from your iTunes music albums.
  6. You can make special effects settings for your slide shows. (for computer playback)

These safe storage Premium burning CD-R functions and other Premium functions (such as the ability to burning DVD-R and select background music from your iTunes files) will also become available in future versions of HOT ALBUM, which will ensure migration through EVERPLAY recording to next generation discs.

You can purchase the licensed Premium software at our eBay Shop.
Payments are made by the safe and secure PayPal system.
To use this system, you must register with the eBay PayPal service.
You private information will be handled confidentially, in accordance with the privacy protection policies of eBay PayPal.

Copyright(c) 2006 HOT ALBUM COM,.Inc. All right reserved.